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Full-Time Job - Mining: Foreman:geological Exploration Surveying And Geological Mapping (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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Type: Full-Time | Industry: Mining | Location: Johannesburg, South Africa | Closing Date: 26 Nov 2022

Foreman:geological Exploration Surveying And Geological Mapping

Hiring Organisation: Asia-Africa Mining Engr Ltd

1.use a variety of geological prospecting in the area with adjustable mine instruments, such as ground penetrating radar (GPR), exploration geochemistry and software data, geological exploration drill shallow deep drilling core and file inspection, able to perform simple geological mapping and geological report, handheld spectrum detector and import the debug output database, simple chemical analysis test; Be able to carry out simple control mapping and skilled topographic mapping tunnel mapping and skilled demarcation calibration and mining area lofting; Be able to follow up the management of exploration Certificate and mining Certificate ;
2、Have certain social experience and be able to visit strange tribes safely; Healthy and energetic; Simple Chinese is preferred, also mainly Local language is preferred,driving is preferred, working in the project department of Chinese companies is preferred;
3、 The monthly comprehensive income of the first three months from 800CNY to 2500CNY will be dynamically assessed by the company; ; In the future, we will follow the salary system of the company, that is, the lower monthly basic salary + the middle and higher monthly performance pay and piece rate wage);

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