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Full-Time Job - Mining: Geological Engineer (geological Survey, Mining Exploration And Mineral Processing) And ,deputy Representative Of The African Subbranch (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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Type: Full-Time | Industry: Mining | Location: Johannesburg, South Africa | Closing Date: 26 Nov 2022

Geological Engineer (geological Survey, Mining Exploration And Mineral Processing) And ,deputy Representative Of The African Subbranch

Hiring Organisation: Asia-Africa Mining Engr Ltd

1.Registration and preparation of technical documents for declaration of Mining Rights: Application and registration and entry into force of prospecting rights, application and registration and entry into force of mining rights;
2.. Related, import and export of mineral products (host country, export to industrial country) : prepare and submit export documents to ensure that the ports of industrial countries, customs clearance, cargo delivery, legal compliance, to meet the acceptance criteria of each export contract; 
3、On geological exploration (mainly Non-ferrous metal such as copper, aluminum, gold, nickel, cobalt, niobium, tantalum and coal, phosphorus) : organizing the entire country‘s territory , the geological prospecting and land lease of the mining area were established: 
Collecting the remains, regional surveys, geological surveys, basic geological data, searching for and identifying ore deposits, ore veins, structural belts, lithofacies and original ore samples, and delimiting the mining areas,To sign the lease contract for the land in the mining area (optimized implementation, attachments in the mining area, standard of collecting compensation) and the lease contract for the warehouse in the mining area camp, organize the implementation of the pre-survey and general survey, detailed survey (including drilling, coring, testing, geological mapping) and extrapolation of reserves at each stage, and the formation of each stage of the geological report and evaluation report, and in the process of labor team (prospecting, geological prospecting) and ore acceptance inspection team training;
4. With regard to mining and primary mineral processing: Determination of plans for the protection and exploitation of mining areas and organization of mining design, to organize the procurement of reusable mining equipment and materials (such as blasting systems, slope management, safety monitoring, on-site traffic organization in mining areas, measurement and monitoring systems for mountain excavation and fragmentation storage, laboratory systems, mineral processing systems (tests, processes, equipment and reagents) , fuel systems, power energy systems, labor protection supplies systems) ;
 5. Setting-out and surveying of boundary survey in every stage of prospecting, mining and mineral processing;
6、Possible, on average, twenty-five days per month, resident, working in the mining area, not excluded, continuous, two or three months, resident working in the mining area;
7. Based on industry practice, there is no overtime pay;
8、The company implements a low, minimum wage, mid-Performance salary, salary system, Kabul, does not provide, accommodation, travel outside Kabul, implementation, the company's quota of actual reimbursement, travel reimbursement standards; The company may provide camp accommodation, food and beverage in the form of a monthly, performance-based salary advance.

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